Opinion Poll/Mystery Photo Quiz

Okay, since I do whatever other bloggers tell me to do (except post pictures of myself in my new boy-cut underwear), I went back on my way home and took a photo of the alleged home pregnancy kit.
But upon closer inspection (and by closer, I mean a sneaky hip shot photo taken while hordes of dogwalkers strolled by), I’m really not so sure.
I once again look to you, internets, to help me determine what this is.
[click to enlarge]
So with this – the first ever combination Opinion Poll *and* Mystery Photo Quiz – I beg of you… tell me! What the heck is this?
A. Home pregnancy kit – pregnant
B. Home pregnancy kit – not pregnant
C. Broken oral thermometer case
D. Broken anal thermometer case
E. Toothbrush of some sort
F. Broken potato peeler
G. Kazoo
H. Other (please explain)

19 Responses to “Opinion Poll/Mystery Photo Quiz”

  1. ashbloem Says:

    Sure looks like B. to me. What kind of neighborhood do you LIVE in, young lady?!?

  2. shari Says:

    Definitely a home pregnancy test. But I haven’t been anywhere near it, so if it’s pregnant, it’s not me. I’m just sayin.

  3. claire Says:

    Reminds me of a time a friend of mine was wrecked thinking she was pregnant only to discover 2 days later that her boyfriend had mistakenly bought a home ovulation testing kit. She wasn’t pregnant and they were mighty relieved, but that’s another possiblity (or 2) for your mystery stick.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Damn it! Is that where I dropped it?!
    Why not ask the internets “who my baby daddy?”

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    This is your most disturbing post.

  6. RW Says:

    It’s a silver crayon from a 164-pack crayola set that has been squeezed by an anxious gorilla who didn’t have the patience to fill in the whole spaceship without leaving bare spots so he threw it away and the whole friggin experiment they were running at Lincoln Park is RUINED, I tell you. And it’s all your fault.
    Nice going.

  7. jenny Says:

    ash: uhh… didn’t you post an entry about finding sex toys outside your apartment? glass houses… ;)
    shari: i’m sure mr. eclectic will be pleased to know that.
    claire: okay that? is hysterical!
    jessica: you shouldn’t be carrying these around in your back pockets, jess.
    vivian: most disturbing post yet. always room for improvement, you know.
    RW: how was i supposed to know? they should just stick to teaching gorillas sign language.

  8. steph Says:

    yeah, thats totally a home pregnancy kit. but since im terribly allergic to hetero-sex, i have no idea how to read one.

  9. Roy Says:

    I think it’s some sort of Pez dispenser from the future.

  10. Rhea Says:

    Being a lesbian, I’ve never seen a pregnancy test up close, but I’ve seen them on TV commercials. I think it’s a pregnancy test thingy.

  11. jenny Says:

    steph: that’s mostly just a seasonal allergy for me. i’ve found that benadryl helps. ;)
    roy: i now fear the future like never before…
    rhea: i get most of my medical knowledge from TV commercials – ask me anything about Lipitor. Really – anything!

  12. sbukophile Says:

    That’s kind of nasty looking, but I’m proud of you for your stealth photography! I’m going to guess letters A or B or H (nasal laser hair removal tool).

  13. Strode Says:

    I believe that is one of those new stop smoking aids. Clearly the litter-bug decided he liked the real thing better.

  14. claire Says:

    I know, I couldn’t stop laughing when they told me that. Their reaction was to head straight for the liquor. ;)

  15. jenny Says:

    sbukophile: interesting… laser nasal hair remover, you say? sounds painful.
    strode: that’s another really good guess. so good that i searched google image for “nicotine inhalers” just to be sure. jury’s still out…
    claire: good call!

  16. peefer Says:

    I kind of looks like a home pregnancy kit that someone used as an anal thermometer.

  17. peefer Says:

    It kind of …
    Oh boy.

  18. jenny Says:

    peefer: oh, peefer, honey. you don’t looks like that at all. somebody need a hug? [btw, that might be the most awesomest typo anyone ever made in a comment. what’ll you give me to fix it?]

  19. mike Says:

    Reminds me of a joke.
    q: what’s the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer?
    a: taste.