Top 10 Reasons I Love the Chelsea Art Galleries

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[photos by vivian]

28 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons I Love the Chelsea Art Galleries”

  1. Laurel Says:

    “I’ve got no strings, to hold me down,
    To make me fret, or make me frown…”
    Pretty artsy – I like the one of you and the two Ps the best… I’m going to NYC in Sept. – will he be a real live boy by then or still in the gallery?

  2. Iron Fist Says:

    There’s something uncannily life-like about that curly-haired statue…

  3. Kris Says:

    You are a very funny and creative person! I have just been laughing my head off (that would be my rabbit head!) going through your posts. Keep it up!

  4. kevinb Says:

    perfect. i love them!
    i especially like the slightly robot arm positioning in #4. nice work. must be your breakdancing roots shining through.

  5. sween Says:

    I think these might be my favourite pictures in the history of pictures.

  6. jenny Says:

    laurel: ooh, good question. i think these chelsea exhibits come and go pretty quickly, but this one was somewhere on 23rd or 24th or 25th between something and something street. does that help?
    iron fist: she’s a real girl! her wish came true!
    kris: thanks! just be careful not to lose your (rabbit) head.
    kevinb: so glad you noticed… i’ve been practicing. ;)
    sween: then my work here is done. [smashes camera]

  7. Strode Says:

    #6 looks as though you are peeking in his shorts.

  8. kapgar Says:

    The funny thing is I didn’t realize at first that these were huge statues. I thought they were small sculptures and, just glancing at them real quick, I also thought, “wow, they’ve got one that looks just like Jenny!”

  9. RW Says:

    Psssst…. Jenny… while you were looking at the stuff in the art gallery? These kids were mocking you. See what I mean about New York!? Bastards…

  10. jenny Says:

    strode: yikes! it does, doesn’t it? i was actually keeping my eye on the security camera that kept following my every move in the gallery…
    kapgar: wouldn’t that be awesome if i had carved life-like tiny sculptures of myself? i need to find that pen-knife of mine!
    RW: you should’ve seen the gallery director – she was laughing the whole time. we tried to take the pictures quickly!

  11. heather anne Says:

    Someone on your Flickr said you should take that rabbit head to this exhibit. I’m going to try not to think about that the same way I try not to think about India and Pakistan having nuclear weapons.

  12. Rhea Says:

    I love that stuff. If you like the Chelsea shows, you gotta come up to Mass. to see MassMOCA, an amazing contemporary art museum in western Mass.

  13. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    How did you develop such an uncanny ability to find and interact with such freaky inanimate objects? As if hollowing out the severed head of a giant rabbit and dancing around while wearing it wasn’t enough, now you have a pinocchio fetish?

  14. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    How did you develop such an uncanny ability to find and interact with such freaky inanimate objects? As if hollowing out the severed head of a giant rabbit and dancing around while wearing it wasn’t enough, now you have a pinocchio fetish?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    These are still hilarious!!

  16. Arwen Says:

    Where is the rabbit head when you need it? Great pix. I was in Chicago last week and kept looking for a rabbit walking down the Magnificent Mile but never saw one.

  17. shari Says:

    Have you considered a career as a mimic?

  18. jenny Says:

    heather anne: i agree – worlds collide! worlds collide!
    rhea: i checked it out online – holy cow – it’s HUGE! i’ll definitely have to make it there someday!
    sir: how did i develop the uncanny ability to interact with inanimate objects? well, i worked in sales for a while… heyyoooo!
    vivian: and I owe it all to your persistence for not letting me quit after the 4th time the gallery director walked by.
    arwen: i have yet to let the rabbit head out of the apartment, but i suspect that someday there will be a jack kerouac-esque, easy rider type sometimes rabbit experience.
    shari: is that actually a career, or just annoying?

  19. Bobby Says:

    What, were your red knickers at the cleaners?

  20. roy Says:

    I find 9 and 10 very worrisome. But I’m laughing too much for it to matter.

  21. Chick Says:

    Your interactive art scene just kills me.

  22. Churlita Says:

    Oh my god. You are adorable.

  23. Michelle Says:

    All right damn it. I just saw ‘Smokin’ Aces’ and I’ll be damned if your Rabbit head isn’t in that movie too. Why is it I’m suddenly seeing it everywhere?? I hope it has a good agent.

  24. Jen Says:

    I must tell you – these 10 pictures are why I love you.

  25. tori Says:

    You are so funny/clever! I read here all the time, but can never think of anything to comment that does your post justice and isn’t just “that’s so funny”. Today I decided to comment anyway so you know I am here lurking even when I don’t comment.

  26. sandra Says:

    My god, you’d be fun to take to a museum.

  27. egan Says:

    You’re a natural. You blend in so well with all the other works of art, I’m going to call you a masterpiece.

  28. jenny Says:

    bobby: i know! can you believe i left them at home?
    roy: don’t worry – i wasn’t in any real danger.
    chick: i think all art should be interactive. :)
    churlita: me and p are blushing…
    michelle: smoking aces? do i need to watch this? netflix, here i come!
    jen: aww thanks! you’re too sweet.
    tori: thanks for the comment. nothing brings people together like a larger than life pinocchio. ;)
    sandra: you should see me at the symphony!
    egan: hee – a bit of an abstract work, though… :)

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