Starting today, I now have a new gauge to determine how much fun I had the previous night. I simply ask myself, “Jenny, how many chopsticks did you wake up with today?”
The answer last Thursday morning was a purse full. Yes, I woke up with an entire purse full of chopsticks. This means that I had a whole purseload of fun with the lovely and talented Asia, Brandon, Shari, Sibyl, and Vahid last week.
There’s something you should know: bloggers are just like real people. And the challenge in any relationship is keeping things fresh. Even among the best of friends, there are times when the beer coaster football starts to lose its appeal:
coaster football
When you’ve celebrated all the fake birthdays you can get away with:
fake b-day
When trying to tear out your curls won’t stop the bill from arriving:
When it’s no longer fun to earn a mere 500,000 points in Family Guy pinball against someone’s 14,000,000:
pinball wizards
When the rats have all gone to their respective sewers to die:
rat's last stand
And that’s when you know that it’s time to introduce props, specifically, chopsticks.
Asia and Sibyl fancify their hair with chopsticks:
more hair sticks
hair sticks
Asia and Brandon prove that they are part gypsy by stealing my watch with nothing more than two pairs of chopsticks:
stop thief!
tag team thievery
shari distracts me
I learn that fake smoking makes me neither cooler nor more attractive, even with chopsticks:
it's not even lit, duh
We find out how many chopsticks it takes to change a lightbulb (answer: it can’t be done):
bulb sticks
Shari lets me eat her macaroni and cheese with both chopsticks and a fork:
fork sticks
Vahid succumbs to chopstick cigarette peer pressure:
little help
Brandon calls home to say he’ll be late because he has to pick up some chopsticks:
I give the universal sign for, “It’s 2:00am, I have a purse full of chopsticks, and an 8:00am meeting tomorrow.”
so sleepy
So in conclusion, when asked to assess how much I enjoyed my evening with this fiersome fivesome, I can quite honestly say that I had 54 chopsticks worth of fun. The bar has been set.
[the rest on flickr]

12 Responses to “Chops”

  1. Hilly Says:

    Uh, how fun! I am just so jealous that I don’t live closer to the hilarity :). I said this at Flickr, but I’ll say it here too…I think I just dumped my current net-crush for Vahid after seeing that pic ;).

  2. shari Says:

    There were only 54?? I had what seemed like far more chopsticks’ worth of fun than that. Are you sure you didn’t lose any?
    Great pictures! Miss you guys already!!

  3. asia Says:

    I love your pictures. I think I am going to wear my hair like that from now on… of course, that requires a lot of chopstick stealing. Can I count on your support?

  4. Iron Fist Says:

    I am going to practice “Paradise by the Dashboard Mirror” every day until next we meet. I won’t let you down a second time, Jenny. And I’m not going to overrule Sibyl on restaurant reservations again, she clearly has more sense about these things than I do. And I’ll be keeping my legs- er, I mean fingers, crossed that you’ll be back soon, because WOW that was fun.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I felt like I needed to come respond here about your spirit animal. I don’t think you are necessarily a bunny but you have to admit, they loom large in your life lately. Maybe you are karmically entwined with a rabbit, or you saved the life of a rabbit in your previous life. Haunted?

  6. jenny Says:

    hilly: you just need to do like me, and find some work excuse to get there! (and yes, you should totally dump your current net-crush, whoever s/he may be…)
    shari: i know! didn’t it seem more like 10,000 chopsticks worth of fun? i guess you can pack a lot into one chopstick.
    asia: i’m there for you, because you should always wear the chop-crown.
    vahid: well, first lesson is that it’s paradise by the dashboard light… but really – that is one hard song to sing (especially the guy part), so i would be thoroughly blown away if you sang it. :)
    anonymous: they are looming heavily, aren’t they? and now, everywhere i go, i see rabbits. maybe a rabbit saved me in a former life…

  7. asia Says:

    oops, i am anonymous. i forgot to put my name in. maybe its like a horror movie you know, and you walk past a dark alley and see the shadow of two tall ears on the alley wall and you find half eaten carrots inbetween your sheets WITH THE GREENS STILL FRESH…
    i am frightened!

  8. brandon Says:

    thank you for clarifying in your photo which one is me and which one is the dead rat!
    beer coaster footbal, PBR and pinball? omg. it’s a wonder we escaped hicky-free.

  9. jenny Says:

    asia: noooooo! rabbits are good!
    brandon: hey, you’re welcome – i just didn’t want people to get confused, since you both look charming curled up on a street curb and sometimes carry disease. and re: hickies? speak for yourself…

  10. Rhea Says:

    Next step is you need to apply to the U.S. Department of Weights and Measurements so you can patent your Chopstick algorithm.

  11. sibyl! Says:

    good times were had indeed. those chopstick photos are great. !!!

  12. churlita Says:

    So, how many trees had to die for your fun? Ah, who cares. Fun is always worth it.

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