Potter Pals

Shortly after my nephews ran out of movies to review, they dragged me over to the computer to watch “something sooo funny, oh Aunt Jenny you have to see this it’s so hysterical!”
It was then that I learned that my nephews had recently discovered the sheer joy and utter time-suckage that is You Tube.
I’m not sure if the five – FIVE – videos they made me watch are just funny to the 9 and under crowd, or if you have to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate them, but seriously. I almost lost my mind by #3.
Then, when I made them stop goofing around on the computer with their silly videos so I could get back to the much more serious business of achieving my personal best on Jewel Quest II, they continued to serenade me with high pitched chants of “Ron, Ron, Ron WEEEEASLEY!”
Like all earworms, the only way to get rid of this one is to let it bore its way into your brain. You’re welcome.

12 Responses to “Potter Pals”

  1. Iron Fist Says:

    I think I enjoyed this more than the last Potter movie.

  2. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    Was awful.
    By posting it, you’re just encouraging them. Shame on you.

  3. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    Was awful.
    By posting it, you’re just encouraging them. Shame on you.

  4. Christie Says:

    O…M…G… that was hilarious!

  5. kat Says:

    potter puppet pals is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

  6. RW Says:

    That’s a good worm, but it still doesn’t beat the all time champ.

  7. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Jenny, I think you may be trying to kill me by keeping me laughing for so long that I lose the ability to breathe. EVIL.
    I have stolen this for my blog, because when I am disturbed, I like to share.

  8. Jennie Says:

    I think your nephews are my favorite people in the whole entire world.

  9. adena Says:

    Is anyone else disturbed that Dumbledore got naked?
    But, seriously. Cracking up.

  10. churlita Says:

    UTube can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.

  11. jenny Says:

    iron fist: yow – that bad, huh? probably didn’t have a pipe bomb in it.
    sir: sadly, their own hysterical laughter is all the encouragement they need.
    christie: i’m giving my nephews your phone number…
    kat: am i being punk’d?
    RW: OH MY GOD!! that is INSANE! when the snake comes on, it kind of sounds like david byrne.
    tracy lynn: it’s all yours, sister. do with it what you must.
    jennie: they are most definitely an entertaining duo!
    adena: was he naked? i thought that was a flesh colored robe…
    churlita: so, so true. now that my nephews know about it, i fear for their future.

  12. kat Says:

    alas, no. my life is just that sad.

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