Up Northier

This is a story about when I went up north again last weekend for my friend Natasha’s birthday. It’s also a story about how Dee-Dee and I almost died.

This is when we first got into the kayaks and decided that we should head toward the calm waters of the channel.


This is when we made it to the calm waters of the channel.


This is when Dee-Dee tried to take a picture but filmed me instead.

This is when she did it again.

This is when we were in awe of nature as we came upon a flock of ducks on the lake.


This is when we realized that they were decoys and we had just kayaked into a duck-hunter’s lair.


This is when Dee-Dee didn’t understand why I was turning around so fast.


This is when I yelled , “THEY HAVE GUNS! They are hunting! Those are not real ducks! THOSE GUYS HAVE GUNS!”


This is when, for the one millionth time, we got really quiet and just took in how incredibly gorgeous it was.


This is when we decided to head back and quickly realized that the wind had picked up substantially.


This is when Dee-Dee was beached by the wind.


This is when Dee grabbed onto the back of my kayak.


This is when I tried to tow her back to safety.


This is when my lower back gave out and I told her to save herself. She totally did.


This is what we did when we got back from almost being killed by hunters.


15 Responses to “Up Northier”

  1. kat! Says:

    oh man, i totally have to get myself some decoy ducks. or maybe just the wine. you know, whatever.

  2. sizzle Says:

    …this is when i can’t stop giggling. :)
    save yourself! my back gave out! heehee.

  3. Don Says:

    You are all teh awesome brave adventuress!

  4. sandra Says:

    Next time, I’d suggest the wine FIRST.

  5. churlita Says:

    All I can think after reading your post is:
    “Marshall, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition…” Oh wait, they were in a raft on Land of the Lost.
    Those trees are amazing.

  6. Laurel Says:

    A little duck a l’orange would have gone well with that wine and cheese…
    Will you ever bring your adventure-lovin’ butt to FL?

  7. roy Says:

    Thank God you didn’t quack that’s all.

  8. Rhonda Says:

    I think the wine, cheese and grapes would be enough nature for me, thanks. The view would be just as fabulous from the shore!

  9. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    All this living on the edge can’t be good for your liver.

  10. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    All this living on the edge can’t be good for your liver.

  11. Cheryl Says:

    Okay, does the cabin have a waitstaff? Because the wine-cheese-grape spread looks way too pretty to have been pulled together by three ladies who’ve been fearing for their lives.

  12. teahouseblossom Says:

    Hey, terrific short films and photos!!
    I’m glad you guys didn’t get shot by the hunters. And did you both consume ALL of those bottles of wine?

  13. jenny Says:

    kat: yeah, i say skip the decoys. wine is much safer.
    sizzle: that kayaking is hard work, i tell you!
    don: you should’ve seen me when i used leeches for fishing this time…
    sandra: excellent advice – we actually kept trying to figure out a way we could bring wine in the kayaks with us.
    churlita: i think we did see a few sleestaks in the woods there.
    laurel: ooh, FL? imagine all the trouble i could get into in the everglades!
    roy: thank god i didn’t have the rabbit head on, either!
    rhonda: the view was gorgeous, but i have to admit it’s even prettier from the kayaks.
    sir: i like to live on the edge, like a CIA agent.
    cheryl: i had nothing to do with the presentation, except for arranging the wine bottles. it was all my talented friends!
    THB: well, there were actually 5 of us there, and we came pretty darn close to polishing them all off by the end of the weekend. you get thirsty up north…

  14. shari Says:

    What? You guys went duck hunting with just kayak paddles? No wonder all you had to eat when you got back was some grapes and stuff. Next time? Take a slingshot, or go all MacGyver and make one out of a bra. Now THAT’s adventure. ;)

  15. Rigel Says:

    I really enjoyed this post. That is hilarious. Did you ever hear anything from the hunters in the blind or did they remain silent the whole time?

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