This seriously just killed me. Killed me dead, then resurrected me so I could watch it five more times.

[via Neatorama]

11 Responses to “Giggles”

  1. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Dude, how could anyone NOT laugh at that? Even That evil dude, what’s his name, you know who I mean, he’d break a nail laughing at that kid.

  2. jenny Says:

    tracy lynn: seriously. the part that puts me over the edge is at 00:48 when he falls over laughing.

  3. Dave2 Says:

    Yeah, but then they poop themselves, you have to change their diaper, and suddenly it’s not quite so funny anymore. Stinky little monkeys! :-)

  4. Hilly Says:

    That killed me! He didn’t even notice he was bonking his little head or falling over…he was just that happy!

  5. shari Says:

    His little laugh is like a force field! Not laughing at that would require superhuman giggle-resistance. Too cute!

  6. churlita Says:

    Having kids that young is like living with little drunk people. They laugh hysterically and fall over until they get messy and start crying and wetting themselves.

  7. mainja Says:

    my god that’s funny.
    must go rip some paper now…

  8. jenny Says:

    dave2: yeah, but eventually we’ll all be pooping ourselves again, so i cut them some slack.
    hilly: i know! he was totally oblivious – too funny.
    shari: resistance is futile!
    churlita: the only thing missing is the “i love you man!”
    mainja: please just send me the video… :)

  9. Dustin Says:

    Ya, it’s a total riot until the kid finds dad’s wallet and starts playing the “ripping game” with all those crisp 20’s.
    However, I can only pray that my future offspring will be as easily amused. Knowing my luck they’ll all be whining for iPhones by the time they’re 18 months old. :(

  10. Pants Says:

    What a cute kid! He almost melted by black, crusty heart.

  11. Geeky Tai-Tai Says:

    That little guy just made my day!

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