Unsolicited Testimonials

Here’s what people are saying about TequilaCon:

“OMG! It was so much fun! I can’t believe I got to meet that one blogger – he’s so HAWT!”
– Shari, Eclectic

“I laughed so hard I peed my pants!”
– Dustin, Cotters in My Tummy

“Where are my pants?”
– Karl, Secondhand Tryptophan

“She doesn’t even drink tequila! TequilaCon is a sham!”
– Ashbloem, Ashbloemstraat

“No, I don’t have a blogsite. I don’t really read internet web blogsites. I’m just here with Jenny.”
– Dee-Dee

With testimonials like that, I know that you DO NOT want to miss out on what is certain to be the GREATEST. TEQUILACON. EVER! So that’s why I want you to save the date: May 2008. Yes, just save the entire month for right now. Or at least every Saturday in May 2008. Except Memorial Day weekend – it won’t be that one. So save the other three, won’t you?

Important and Official TequilaCon Business™ will be conducted behind closed doors next week, and with the help of an arbitrator, we expect to have a final date chosen shortly thereafter. But for now, just block off all of May.

The location has already been selected, and I’m pleased to announce that it will be in that City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia! So all those East Coast bloggers who wore fancy coats to TC06 and abandoned their blogs and created new secret blogs and then complained about not being able to make to TC07 in Portland will have absolutely no excuse.

And for those of you unfamiliar with TequilaCon, here’s how it works:
1. The official TequilaCon committee chooses a location, date and time.
2. A bunch of bloggers all meet up there. The invitation is open to everyone.
3. That same bunch of bloggers drinks and talks and laughs and takes photos, but never EVER takes videos.
4. Everyone goes home with an unsettling combination of exhilaration, tattoos and regret.

If this still hasn’t convinced you, then might I suggest reviewing highlights from the past three TequilaConses?

You don’t want to skip this event – it could will change your life!

Stay tuned for more details!

20 Responses to “Unsolicited Testimonials”

  1. Hilly Says:

    I am so ready and am saving all of May just for this! I mean, where else can a girl get cupcakes, booze, pb&j sandwiches, lemon drops and men licking tattoos on her chest all in one place????

  2. vahid Says:

    Make sure Dustin reads rule #3 a couple of times. In fact, I’ll read it to him myself next week. Can we get him to sign something in regards to #3?

  3. sizzle Says:

    everyone should go to TC at least once in their life, every year if they are super lucky. i have no idea if i will be able to attend the brotherly love city ’08 TC BUT i would like to believe i can. the power of positive thinking!

  4. mainja Says:

    when’s it gonna be in Toronto!?!?!? Or, Buffalo? I could get to Buffalo pretty easily…

  5. Dan Says:

    I actually got arrested for solicitation of comments. As to which, TC07 was so fine, I’ve still got my temporary neck tattoo. It’s easy – just cover it with rubber cement before each shower!
    Phyli is a great town and the only place I can get a t-shirt with my college name on it, so I plan to not fail to miss avoiding being there. Not. On Opposite Day. Did that say I was going?

  6. shari Says:

    I said that? Well, I was probably right.
    I shall attend, because being in charge of all behind-the-neck tats is heavy responsibility, and so is bringing the vat of scotch. Are you sure it’s not in Wenatchee, though?

  7. jenny Says:

    hilly: wait… there were cupcakes? where was i?
    vahid: yes, we’re definitely having him sign something!
    sizzle: i’m sending my positive vibes your way as well!
    mainja: so i just looked it up, and toronto is 334 miles away from philadelphia. i say that’s just a quick drive, don’t you? c’mon – can’t you make it?
    dan: this works well – you’re going to be there, shari’s going to be there… you will definitely have your new neck tattoo!
    shari: okay, so you didn’t really say that. you said a lot of funnier, more poignant things, but i just wanted everyone to think that that one hawt blogger was going to be there.

  8. Dave2 Says:

    Can anything top Tequilacon PACNW 2007?!? It might just be worth showing up in Philly to find out!

  9. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    I suppose I need to go ahead and start a blog. I’ve got the drinking and the talking and the laughing down to a science (the photos….eh), but I’m not … y’know …. a member of the WordPress mafia, shall we say. So, seven years of procrastination down the drain. I hope you’re happy.

  10. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    I suppose I need to go ahead and start a blog. I’ve got the drinking and the talking and the laughing down to a science (the photos….eh), but I’m not … y’know …. a member of the WordPress mafia, shall we say. So, seven years of procrastination down the drain. I hope you’re happy.

  11. brandon Says:

    it is only fair that in addition to the testimonials, you include some of the more famous warnings about tequilacon. off the top of my head, i remember:
    “No, you do NOT stick your poopie in her hoo-ha.”
    i have just purchased my official tequilacon business tie. i think i can safely say that these will be among our quickest negotiations.

  12. jenny Says:

    dave2: i say we can do it!
    sir: well, actually you don’t really need a blog to join the fun, so you can just keep on procrastinating. you’re welcome.
    brandon: i think that might have been a different blogger meetup you’re thinking of. and i, too, just purchased my official tequilacon business tie. silk and everything. :)

  13. kat! Says:

    actually, i think i’ll be washing my hair in may.
    (and brandon, it was pee-pee, not poopie. well, i guess for you it might be poopie, but you should probably spare everyone the details.)

  14. jenny Says:

    kat!: don’t worry, i’ll buy you a hat. so now you can make it. for sure. tewtelly.

  15. Laurel Says:

    Who can turn down the combo of “exhilaration, tattoos and regret”? While it sounds much like a weekend I once spent in San Diego, I’m looking forward to doing the same with a whole new group of people. May has been blocked off…

  16. ashbloem Says:

    May, eh? Well, I know I am not on the committee, but if I can make a teeny-weeny request that it NOT be the weekend of May 31, that would be cool. See, I’m getting married that weekend, and it would be hard to be in Philadelphia at that time.

  17. Jill Says:

    Both Kat and I are on the East coast. We both wore fancy coats to TequilaCon NYC but I think hers was fancier. I do recall complaining that I couldn’t come to Portland because I had no expendable income and I also had a big meeting for the theater festival that weekend. I don’t know if she complained. I did abandon my blog for quite a while but so did she. I did have a secret venting blog for a while. I assume that means I have no excuse. I don’t know if I have an excuse. But I’m cool with that. Does this count as an RSVP?

  18. Shelli Says:

    I wanna go, I wanna go. I am going to have the best sex ever with my husband tonight and afterwards, I am going to ask him if I pretty please can go. I’ll let ya know.

  19. Shelli Says:

    I can go! I have the time off of work. I am going to be there!

  20. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    It’s an 8.5 hour drive, but that’s only double what it takes to get to my Granny’s, so maybe!

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