The Glamorous Life

My cat vomited on my suitcase 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave for the airport.
My cab driver had a coconut scented air-freshener that made the car smell like Caribbean sweat.
The woman ahead of me in the security line was carrying a dog in a crate and it peed all over the floor.
Traveling is sexy.

10 Responses to “The Glamorous Life”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    Time to start taking limousines to the airport and flying on private jets…

  2. churlita Says:

    Wow. You do lead a glamorous life. I haven’t had anything puked on, smelled Caribbean sweat, or watched a dog pee all day.
    There is a hole in my life.

  3. Cheryl Says:

    My cats always sleep on my suitcase the night before a trip in an attempt to guilt me into not leaving. Inevitably, someone at the airport sees the hairy suitcase and asks, “Do you have a cat?” and I feel like the schlumpy person that I am rather than the stylish world traveler I was trying to leave town to become. Sigh.

  4. jenny Says:

    dave2: so… time for me to get that sugar daddy, is what you’re saying?
    churlita: i don’t know how people can survive without my kind of glamour.
    cheryl: i’d take cat hair over semi-dried cat puke anyday. i’m never going to make it into the admiral’s club looking like this!

  5. shari Says:

    Too bad you’re not a guy… could’ve peed all over the dog. At least, I assume that’s what a guy would do. Otherwise, what’s the point of having the ability? Seriously, people don’t utilize their talents enough these days.

  6. serap Says:

    I can’t wait until they invent teleporting… all our travel woes will be over! My journey to work it similarly sexy – I’m 5ft 1, which on the hot and smelly underground equates to armpit height. I need say no more.

  7. jenny Says:

    shari: well, you’re married and you have a dog… so i guess you would know better than i what goes on between men and their pets. ::shiver::
    serap: teleporting is awesome, until your DNA accidentally merges with that of a fly. then the smelly underground starts looking more and more appealing. :)

  8. shari Says:

    Um, see… I meant retribution at the dog for peeing all over the floor, and well, guys would have an easier job of it… wow, I really need to stop thinking I think funny things because really, I should leave the funny to the professionals.

  9. Don Says:

    But did you leave your wallet on the plane and wind up in a foreign country with no money, no credit cards and no driver’s license so you couldn’t even get a freakin’ car to the hotel? Huh? DIDJA?

  10. sandra Says:

    Traveling is totally sexy. I mean, they feel you up at security and everything!

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