Hotter Than a Stick ‘o Hot Glue

There are all sorts of things I’m thankful for this year, but at this particular moment, I am most thankful for Leslie.

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  1. Rhea Says:

    Oh, you know about Leslie? How do you know about her? I didn’t think she had such a following. She lived in my neighborhood (or maybe still does) and I met her at her Gem Sweater exhibition. She collects those. I’ve seen her perform live, too.

  2. jenny Says:

    rhea: you live by her? i’m sooo jealous. she’s insanely brilliant, or brilliantly insane. and she rocks my world.

  3. teahouseblossom Says:

    I’m amused, yet slightly appalled. And all the while, I can’t stop watching this, over and over again. Her voice is incredible. Why do I get a feeling that all of the extras are their kids? Including the shirtless guys.

  4. asia Says:

    i am still kicking myself for missing her show when i was in seattle… doing what?? …hanging with my family and brandon and just for that they are OFF my list of things to give thanks for.

  5. jenny Says:

    THB: it’s true – she’s highly addictive. but those are definitely not her kids – i think she’s only about 25!
    asia: you should be kicking brandon. i’ll keep a watch on her tour dates and let you know if she’s coming to the PacNW again. you MUST see her live!

  6. Dave2 Says:

    Sigh. If only I looked that good in gold spandex.

  7. Pants Says:

    Love, love, LOVE Leslie!

  8. Rhea Says:

    Yeah, I even bought her CD. She went to art school in my area (Boston), so she was/is around a lot.

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