I can’t help it. Babies laughing kill me every time. But quadruplets? It’s just plain insanity.

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11 Responses to “Gigglesnort”

  1. Mocha Says:

    I will forgive you for watching AFV because this is cute. Will you forgive me for knowing the acronym of that inane show?

  2. sizzle Says:

    that is insanity. i mean they ALL laugh the same, at the same thing. is that how it is to be a quadruplet?

  3. Karl Says:

    OK, how can you not smile at that? Impossible!

  4. vahid Says:

    Cute, yeah — but really terrifying. They’re clearly some sort of alien hive-mind creature: one mind in four bodies.

  5. Strode Says:

    Thanks for beginning this dreary day with a smile. That is so good. I will be smiling all morning.

  6. churlita Says:

    I’ve seen it before. Sure, it’s cute, but the thought of having 4 babies at once scares the crap out of me.

  7. Don Says:

    Yeah, it starts out adorable and then gets kind of creepy. Picture four little boys saying in perfect unison, “Mommy, may I have a cookie? Mommy?” And then a little louder, “Please?” All with the same hint of mischief.

  8. jenny Says:

    mocha: what? no! i swear… i don’t watch it!
    sizzle: it’s that scary twin speak… but quad-speak!
    karl: it totally cracks me up.
    vahid: just wait until they become teenagers…
    strode: my pleasure – so will i!
    churlita: it should scare you, because if they all laugh together, i’m pretty sure they all cry, scream, puke, and poop together too.
    don: can you imagine? and they keep walking closer and closer to you every time they say it? it could be a horror movie.

  9. shari Says:

    OK… giggling babies, that’s pretty damn cute. But what the hell was he doing to make them laugh like that? On second thought, do I really want to know? No. NO, I don’t. Nevermind.

  10. Pants Says:

    I want to laugh but I’m so frightened by the thought of birthing and caring for four babies at one time freaking terrifies me.

  11. adena Says:

    Her accent is pretty cute, too!
    Those babies KILLED me!! It was like laughing clones.

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