Y or N?

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14 Responses to “Y or N?”

  1. claire Says:

    We haven’t actually met, but based on Pickles, Sometimes Rabbit, Whore Eyes, the semi-annual feline renaming, “Never a Bride,” and much, much more, I’d have to say… Yes! We’ll have to convene somewhere it’s legal if you want it be all legit though. ;)

  2. churlita Says:

    Wait. What’s your insurance policy like and will you keep that creepy rabbit head?

  3. Dave2 Says:

    It depends on if you’ll be carrying on a secret affair with Puppet Biker after we’re married. Deep down, I know you still have feelings for him… =sob!=

  4. kat Says:

    where’s my ring?

  5. jenny Says:

    claire: awesome! should we do canada, california or massachusetts? i want to try poutine, so i vote for toronto!
    churlita: good medical, so-so dental, and love me, love my rabbit head.
    dave2: i will always have lust in my heart for the puppet-bikers, but i would never betray the sanctity of a marriage proposal scrawled on a rock wall.
    kat: see… if i thought you’d say yes, i would’ve kept that lovely ring i found in the train station.

  6. Avitable Says:

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

  7. shari Says:

    Now see, after reading all these comments, I begin to suspect maybe you’re just in love with the idea of marriage and not really in love with me. Plus, I didn’t see the mention of scotch anywhere.

  8. serap Says:

    Sorry Jen, I’m washing my hair tonight.

  9. delmer Says:

    I think I’m a little old for you. Otherwise I’d fight my way to the head of the line.
    (I’m more than happy to crash the reception.)

  10. vahid Says:

    Absolutely. but have you stopped to consider how magnificiently curly-haired our offspring would be? do you think the world is ready for that many kilocurls?

  11. jenny Says:

    avitable: adam, you’ve made me the happiest polygamist this side of salt lake!
    shari: i’m working on writing my vows, and trust me, scotch is mentioned every other line.
    serap: you don’t have to let me down easy… i know you just washed your hair yesterday.
    delmer: well that’s just great. now where am i going to find another husband named delmer? you were my only shot!
    vahid: OMG – i hadn’t really thought about that. that’s a pretty huge responsibility – you know that people will treat the kilocurlbabies as mutants. just like the x-men.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    yes. if you’ll have my dog.

  13. Jessica Says:

    Y, baby…Y!

  14. martymankins Says:

    Was there an answer posted somewhere? Someone’s name?
    Oh, and YES.

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