My dilemma: 75% of me wants to go down to the Obama rally in Grant Park after work on Tuesday to take photos and absorb that insane energy, but the other 25% of me fears being trampled by the expected one million attendees. Like, a lot.
So what, pray tell, do I do? Go down there, take some photos of the crowds and then sneak off into the night like a ninja? Just go straight home, get some take and bake pizza and drink wine while the election results roll in? What to do, what to do…
Let’s look to the calming effect of an old typewriter for guidance.

14 Responses to “Torn”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    Always go ninja, because I like ninjas.
    And pirates… it’s good to go pirate too.

  2. jenny Says:

    dave: i wonder if they’d let me down there if i wore an eye patch, boots and a sword?

  3. kat Says:

    i know! i know! sneak down to the rally like a ninja, but also bring a flask of scotch with you in your camera bag. you know, for medicinal purposes. in case you get trampled or something.

  4. sween Says:

    I don’t think going is something you will regret later in life.
    Can you say the same vice versa?
    [One cocked eyebrow.]

  5. vahid Says:

    I vote for wine, but then again I usually do.

  6. Finn Says:

    A million people all in one place? When’s that gonna happen again?

  7. Dingo Says:

    I feel the same way about heading over to Times Square. I may check it out before things get too rowdy but then head to my favorite bar to watch the results and Obama’s victory come in!

  8. Don Says:

    Go, go! and let us isolated suburbanites live it vicariously as we churn in envy of your frenetic urbanity. Wow, that almost rhymed.

  9. Fluffycat Says:

    If I were in Chicago, I would totally go. Historic moment and all that.

  10. churlita Says:

    You know my mantra: When in doubt, go out. You will always have an interesting experience. Just stay to the sides, as to avoid dying an excruciatingly painful death, ‘Kay?

  11. claire Says:

    How’s the weather? That might factor into my decision… Ninja-style sounds like a good plan if it’s not raining or below freezing though.

  12. Pants Says:

    Go! Take pictures of the swarm of happy people!!!

  13. shari Says:

    Oh for pity’s sake, you’re engaged to the Puppet Bike! You ride in the Disco Cab! You fearlessly enter and exit buildings through revolving doors! You find jewelry in subway stations, overhear murderous conversations in subway bathrooms… How you gonna justify staying home on a night like this?

  14. Cheryl Says:

    Looks like ninja is ahead in the polls. I vote go: When they say history repeats itself, it’s usually just the bad parts. This seems like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.
    That said, I’m eating pizza and watching TV.

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