Mr. Grinch

Nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than walking the aisles at Target, elbowing my way past hordes of people rifling through clearance nutcrackers, and finally arriving in my most favorite of favorite departments: Pet Accessories.
As I quickly snatched one of the last available Christmas themed cat costumes, I heard a young woman say to her boyfriend as she pointed up at the display, “Ohmigod, have you ever seen anything so stupid? I’m so sure that would even last two seconds on our cats before they tore it to shreds.”
The costume on the display was the exact one I held in my hands. What this naïf didn’t know is that as long as you have a fast enough shutter speed, two seconds is MORE than enough time to get your money’s worth out of this costume.
Can you even handle the classic Olan Mills look-to-Jesus pose he’s doing? What a pro!

Here, I will admit, he looks as though he is plotting my slow and painful death. But still, totally worth it, right?

21 Responses to “Mr. Grinch”

  1. flutter Says:

    this just made me snort!

  2. Don Says:

    If I was another cat I would so bat that white puffball. Take dat, Santy Claws!

  3. Fiorello La Guardia Says:

    Well, even if Miso doesn’t get any Figgy Pudding, I promise I’ll save him one of those fig cookies that I am making for Christmas.
    He is so tolerant – what a guy!

  4. claire Says:

    Hilarious. Firstly because it made me reminisce and learn that Olan Mills existed (exists?) in the midwest too. Secondly (and foremost) because just the other day walking through a store with my mom, I said, “What did he just say?” regarding a carol playing over the speakers.
    “Figgy pudding.”
    “Really? Ok, that’s what I thought he said…”
    Both photos are great. The beard and murderous glare seem more real in the 2nd though. That’s the look of a Santa who’s done hardcore prison time. Love it.

  5. Dave2 Says:


  6. dee-dee Says:

    love it! you must take a few of these in the snow…

  7. derfina Says:

    Cute! Amazing eyes on that puss, too!

  8. natalie Says:

    oh my jen. i laughed until i cried at those pictures. the look to jesus pose…hilarious. still laughing. and crying. can’t stop…so funny. i must link this on my blog. dying here!

  9. jenny Says:

    flutter: i have to confess, i pretty much snorted the second i put the hat/beard on his head!
    don: my other cat didn’t want anything to do with this photo shoot – i think she was under the bed.
    fiorello: i’d love to see him try to eat a fig! (and he was only tolerant for about 20 seconds, but that was all i needed.)
    claire: oh, olan mills is alive and well and ruining senior photos all over the midwest!
    dee: OMG – can you even imagine how they’d freak out if they ever touched snow? these pampered little babies…
    derfina: thanks! what i wouldn’t give for those pretty blue eyes. :)
    natalie: ha – thanks! i totally cracked up while i was taking the photos, which is why all the others are totally blurry!

  10. Mamadallama Says:

    Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read/saw this post! As funny as it is, I don’t enjoy snorting milk or whatever out the nose. First time visitor here via Natalie’s site, Tell Me About It.

  11. vahid Says:

    There’s something telling about that top photo: Miso secretly loves posing for your photos! Just look at the pride he takes in mastering that pose.

  12. serap Says:

    My cat is sitting next to me and sends his sympathies to your cat!

  13. Avitable Says:

    Hahahahaha – your poor cat!

  14. jenny Says:

    mamadallama: thanks for stopping by! and yes – milk should never be snorted out the nose. except in elementary school.
    vahid: see? i think he kind of does too, but just pretends it torturous.
    serap: don’t let them organize – we could have a riot!
    avitable: i really do put him through misery at the holidays, but truly – it’s only for mere seconds. seconds that last a lifetime…

  15. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    How are you not dead yet from cat-related homicide?

  16. churlita Says:

    The LOLcat caption was an awesome touch. Too bad cats can’t roll their eyes and sigh and tell them that you ruined their lives. Because I read all of that in your cat’s expression.

  17. jenny Says:

    sir: they don’t know where i hide the cat food.
    churlita: a more appropriate caption might have been, “i can killz u in ur sleep?”

  18. shari Says:

    I’m just SO PROUD to know you right now!

  19. jewelz916 Says:

    I came soooo close to forcing my cat to wear a Santa outfit for Xmas pictures, but I waited too long and had already sent out our Xmas cards. Next year, everyone is getting a card featuring my baby all dressed up for Christmas!
    Your cat looks adorable!!!!!

  20. Mike S Says:

    As owner of a small herd(5) of felines my big worry would be the inevitable fighting due to insults from non-photogenic furballs. They know a lot of tricks, never considered dressing them up, looks like fun if you’re fast enough:)

  21. jenny Says:

    shari: just don’t let your cat see this entry…
    jewelz: i highly recommend trying it – at least once. that may be the only chance you get. :)
    mike: yes, cats are extremely sensitive about their looks. you’ll just have to buy five different costumes. and bring at least 8 assistants to help out!

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