It was Mo. She texted to say it was so good to see me, but asked me not to say anything at work because Tommy might hear. Three exclamation points after each sentence, twelve in all. I thought about whether to respond, and what to say if I did. Did I really care if Tommy heard? Why doesn’t he want Mo to be happy? Control freak, must be.

But was it really good to see me? Why did Mo feel the need to use so many exclamation points? It seemed somehow disingenuous, like she was compensating for something. I don’t think she had all that much fun. Frankly, I think she’s mostly just worried that I’m going to say something. She and Tommy have a lot of issues to work out, clearly. Sneaking around, then lying about it. Eventually it’s going to catch up with both of them.

It’s a shame, though, that Mo didn’t text that message to the correct person, since I have no idea who she and Tommy are. Let’s hope the intended recipient isn’t a blabbermouth.

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  1. Mick Says:

    Hi Jen.
    I do know exactly what you mean for I get some freaky messages, e-mails and mobile phone [cell phone] text messages as well. Amazing revelation some of them [porno – ??? – yes] – I don’t mind. I just think how sad I am for them. I reply but never get an answer. – Mick

  2. Seamus Says:

    I think you should have texted Mo back with “Oh shit, Mo!!! Tommy knows!!! He already knows!!!”.

  3. Ignominious Bob Says:

    Mo just called to say, “never mind”.
    – Tommy

  4. shari Says:

    The intended recipient IS a blabbermouth… which is why poor Mo texted YOU, because she knew you would keep her secret and never tell a soul. Mo is obviously very smart!!!

  5. *lynne* Says:

    Haaha this reminds me of the text message i received last weekend at 3am Nov 1st (i.e. Halloween, for those who hadn’t hi the hay yet).. ” from an unfamiliar number: “geting cockd blockd” … oh, I was SO tempted to text back the next day, when I actually saw the message, “So, how did it go?”,,, but refrained, and instead used it as a prompt for my NaNoWriMo project :D

  6. churlita Says:

    I wish Mo would text me by accident. None of my friends ever use exclamation points. They’re all too old and not very excitable.

  7. Cheryl Says:

    I once texted my friend Sara (or so I thought) to say I was running late for our lunch date, and received the reply, “Fuck you! Why can’t you just leave her alone? She’s with ME now.”

  8. Poppy Says:


    Before I moved to NYC I kept getting invited to barbecues in Manhattan. From a stranger. I considered going once, but never did. :)

  9. vahid Says:

    This sounds like it could be the plot of a modern day Hitchcock flick.

  10. jenny Says:

    mick: i used to get a lot of weird voicemails on my home phone, too. some guy trying to get a hold of his son, and getting more and more angry when he never got a returned phone call…

    seamus: i was considering it, but natasha said i couldn’t. bad karma.

    igno-tommy: oh, i hope you two are still together!

    shari: i guess mo forgot i have a blog, though.

    lynne: NICE!

    churlita: i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many exclamation points in a single text message. i was excited for her!!!!!!!!!

    cheryl: whoa! wonder if they were just messing with you, or if you actually stumbled into some crazy love triangle.

    poppy: that would’ve been so awesome if you showed up! unless they were crazy. then it would not be awesome at all.

    vahid: where’s tippi hedren when we need her?

  11. Ignominious Idiot Says:

    igno-tommy: oh, i hope you two are still together!

    Yes, why-oh-why I didn’t think to modify my screen name for that one reply, I’ll never know.

    /stupidity is a candidate reason

  12. jenny Says:

    igno-bob: it’s that darn “remember me” function in comments… always messing up the best jokes.

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