7 Responses to “Funny”

  1. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    Funny ‘ha-ha’ or funny ‘strange’?

  2. Dave2 Says:

    You laughin’ at me? YOU LAUGHIN’ AT ME?!??

  3. churlita Says:

    I’m a “tear wiping awayer” when I cry too.

  4. churlita Says:

    I’m a “tear wiping awayer” when I laugh too.

  5. vahid Says:

    Pssst. What’s the joke? I’m a little slow.

  6. shari Says:

    You’re so beautiful you can even look hot in those glasses. IT’S NOT FAIR!

  7. jenny Says:

    sir: it’s more like, funny “whatchoo talkin’ bout, willis?”

    dave: aww, don’t be that way. you know i only laugh with you.

    churlita: when i get going, it’s kind of scary. people mostly just step aside and let the tears flow.

    vahid: a priest, a duck and a jedi walk into a bar… stop me if you’ve heard this one!

    shari: how come you can’t always hang out with me and tell me sweet things like that? but what if i told you those were my new glasses? okay, so they’re not really.

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