Next Week on Run Jen Run

“Okay, do it now. Go!”
“Oh shit. Shit. He looked right at me.”
“He did? Oh crap. Oh. Okay. Grab your coat – we gotta go. We gotta go now!
“We can never come back here.”

18 Responses to “Next Week on Run Jen Run”

  1. the_editter Says:

    He doesn’t look like he cared though. But he does look bloody creepy. I’m glad you ran, Jen, ran.

  2. teahouseblossom Says:

    Is this a teaser post? Who was he?’s..story!

  3. jenny Says:

    Editter: This morning, in the fresh light of day, I realize how creepy this post might seem. Wasn’t really creepy at all. Maybe a bit sordid, though…
    THB: Patience, my dear. Patience. :)

  4. Sarah Says:

    Yes…creepy. That is the word that popped into my head when I saw this late last night and couldn’t think of any comment.
    Being patient over here. ;-)

  5. sween Says:

    The mystery is alluring… maybe we should start a short story meme about the picture, like they gone and done over at NickerBlog.
    Of course, the tone of any stories based on this photo may be a wee bit different…

  6. jenny Says:

    sarah: Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to know what to say in comments. Here’s something you can feel free to use anytime here: “Jenny – today’s post is really creepy, and frankly, made me feel very uncomfortable. WTF?”
    Sween: Ha! I would pay good Canadian money to hear your version. I suspect it would be far funnier than the actual one!

  7. Dustin Says:

    Is that Dennies Roddman? No fair teasing!

  8. Tracy Lynn Says:

    OK, creepy cowboy picture. Was he a vampire cowboy, and you barely escaped with your lives? Because he looks kinda hungry.

  9. The Scarlett Says:

    My guess: Dennis Rodman, at the bar with the cell phone camera. He doens’t look quite so menacing

  10. shari Says:

    Ooooh, a sneak peak at your date for TequilaCon!!!!

  11. Dustin Says:

    Scarlett – thanks for correcting my “unique” spelling of Dennis.
    If this is who Jen is bringing to TequilaCon, then I have to show up! Whose feet do I have to rub to get an invite?

  12. Jessica Says:

    An idea popped into my head based on something I had seen while last in Chicago….hmmmm.
    Talk about stringing people along!

  13. jenny Says:

    Dustin: I can’t guarantee that this is who I’m bringing to TequilaCon, but it’s an open invitation, so you’re more than welcome to stop by!
    Tracy Lynn: Vampire Cowboys? That’s got Oscar written all over it: Suckneck Mountain.
    Scarlett: You think he looks less menacing in the wedding dress? Yikes! :)
    Shari: Perhaps. Perhaps.
    Jess: Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Jessica? Did you see him in Chicago, too?

  14. trisha Says:

    Yay! A post short enough for my tiny attention span!
    I have been getting lost with all of the plot points and characterizations and stuff.
    You need CliffsNotes.

  15. egan Says:

    Is this a porno preview?

  16. jenny Says:

    Trisha: You’re not alone – I usually get lost about halfway through, myself!
    Egan: You’re getting warmer… warmer…

  17. The Scarlett Says:

    DR looks way less menacing in a wedding gown. He looks like someone that I would snicker about and that eight-year-old Cameron would point to and say, “Mom, why is that huge man with all the tattoos dressed like a bride?”
    Wait, you’re hinting to Egan about porn?
    BTW, I have a nify trick … it is a work-around for your ‘remember me’ that doesn’t work. I simply right click and open in a new window someone else’s blog that does remember me (like Egan or Trisha) and then I copy and paste the info into each of your boxes.
    Suddenly, I know I’ve crossed a line into geekery.

  18. Buffy Says:

    It’s Bob from Twin Peaks.