I realized as I began writing that this is my fourth entry in a row about Leslie Hall, which made me feel kind of like a crazy person. But since I think in Illinois it takes five blog entries to qualify as stalking, I’m just going to go ahead with this one.

Besides, don’t we all just need a little bit more gold lamé in our lives? With the drama of Kevin’s body shot finally over, we were ready to dance the night away to the hip-hop beats of a bejeweled rapper from Iowa. It was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped. I leave you with this final photo tribute:


Here she is thanking her momma for making her gold pants.

And now Leslie extolls the virtues of the Bedazzler.

Next she tells us how to kill zombies. [Hint: shoot them in the brains.]

After all that, she still has time to pose with her fans. Here, Dop and Kevin pose in front of a dirty naked woman painting.

Prom King Ryan and his Gemtastic lady get all moody in black and white.

Can you feel the love tonight? I sure can.

Still haven’t had enough? Here are the rest on Flickr.

16 Responses to “Finale”

  1. mainja Says:

    i have to say, it seems a bit like a thing of beauty, and i’m the tinsiest bit jealous…

  2. Strode Says:

    You look so warm and happy there in the last picture. I am all warm and happy now too.

  3. Mocha Says:

    I’m glad you felt the love. It seems like you felt more, but if so, then you certainly aren’t telling.
    Am now counting out the number of entries I’d like to post on you to qualify for stalker status. I’m really no threat. Seriously. Like a DEFCON 3 or something.

  4. jenny Says:

    mainja: Maybe we can lobby to get her to perform in Canada!
    Strode: It’s contagious, the power of the gems!
    Mocha: Ha! A lady never tells… ;) And yeah, I definitely wouldn’t rank you as anything above Terror Threat Yellow, which I think just means that I need to be aware of my surroundings, and look for any unusual behavior.

  5. amanda Says:

    looks like a hoot!
    and, gold lamee never hurts.

  6. jill Says:

    Jenny, Leslie scares me a little. Also, contributing to my fear, it looks like a lot of inappropriate touching. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think lamé is flamable. Please promise me that when you go there, you use the buddy system.

  7. Jessica Says:

    Thank God Jill said it first.
    Leslie scares me a little, too. I mean, yeah, it looks like a lot of fun but she also makes me shudder (like the first time I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show) to the point that I gasped when I saw the last photo, Jen…almost like you are being held against your will.

  8. shari Says:

    In the last photo you look kinda like me in a photo my mom has of me clutching a GIANT stuffed polar bear when I was about 3 or 4. Except I never had great hair like that, and, well, the polar bear was only wearing fur, but other than that…

  9. jenny Says:

    amanda: Truer words have never been spoken.
    jill: I don’t know – the line between appropriate and inappropriate touching is so blurry these days, who can really say? Two consenting adults, and all.
    jess: It’s common to fear the unknown, especially when the unknown is covered in shiny gems. :)
    shari: I’ll bet that’s the cutest photo ever! Post it on your site and we’ll compare!

  10. shari Says:

    Um… yeah, YOU try prying it from my mom and promising her the scanner won’t hurt it. There’s a bottle of scotch in it for you if you succeed. ;)

  11. Pauly D Says:

    This scares me.

  12. jenny Says:

    shari: I’ll talk some sense into her. The world needs to see that photo!
    Pauly: Don’t Leslie-hate. Appreciate! Recognize.

  13. Pants Says:

    My life is seriously lacking gold lamé.

  14. Dop Says:

    I personally can’t thank you enough for capturing that night so well. We need to find gem sweaters for the next show so we can all be christened!

  15. Dustin Says:

    Leslie scares me in the same way that clowns scare me, but her rise to fame and fortune intrigues me. Intrigue out weighs fear, hence my stalking.

  16. egan Says:

    This post terrifies me.