Since apparently the giant Easter Bunny head is an acquired taste, and many people were severely traumatized by the images in my earlier post, I decided I’d better put up some new pictures. It is particularly important that I do this now since I am traveling for the rest of the week where it is quite possible that I will have MINIMAL TO NO INTERNET ACCESS! I know that you all understand how trying these times will be for me, and I appreciate your support in this, my hour of need.
And in case you were wondering, yes, it is possible that I might meet up with some bloggers while I’m traveling, but that’s not because all my friends are people I met online through blogging. I have all sorts of other friends, too, you know. Some of my friends are people I met online through Flickr, so there!
In fact, I just had my first official photo outing with my new Flickr crew, so I thought I would purge your mind of the bunny images with some photos from the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
It was a very educational trip for me, being a newcomer to the Gardens. In fact, I had such a good time there that I decided to write a poem about it.

A Day at the Gardens
by Jenny Amadeo
At the Chicago Botanic Gardens you will find sharp things.
0 IMG_9993
And soft things.
Little places where that one bird sings.
0 IMG_0072
Oh, here’s some other things with wings.
0 IMG_0318
But if someone tries to tell you this is a beaver,
0 IMG_9984
Don’t believe her.
It’s a rat.

12 Responses to “Gardens”

  1. shari Says:

    It’s a rat? Imagine that!
    Thanks for the pictures. They’re beautiful! Actually, isn’t that last one a muskrat? ***hearing “muskrat love” on earworm loop***
    Have fun on your trip!

  2. Iron Fist Says:

    Wha-? People didn’t like the giant Easter Bunny head photos? Personally, I was hoping for an encore. Any chance of getting some Easter Bunny Head vs. Godzilla photos?

  3. teahouseblossom Says:

    Euuuwww..a rat? Yep, I could tell from the tail. Very un-beaver-like.

  4. serap Says:

    Thanks Jen, that was beautiful… although in my mind the easter bunny is hiding just out of view on every shot… watching and waiting for its moment to pounce and claw/kick me to death. Yeah, thanks Jen.

  5. RW Says:

    Cool – where’d you get the nest costume!?

  6. Churlita Says:

    Nice photos and excellent poem. I especially liked how you rhymed “beaver” with “believe her”. Pure genius.

  7. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Anyone who didn’t like that rabbit head is a sissy, and gets a THWACK with a spoon. So sayeth I.

  8. Wiggy Says:

    The Easter Bunny head an acquired taste? Fiddlesticks! Tracy Lynn is right. And, you must be just about the coolest auntie around!

  9. jenny Says:

    shari: you know your rats, woman! indeed, it is a muskrat.
    iron fist: hmmm… perhaps a short film? let me think on that. :)
    thb: exactly – beavers have that cute, big flat waffle tail, and they build dams. they’re productive. rats *wish* they were that cool.
    serap: i like the way you think. :)
    RW: sale rack at target.
    churlita: nature inspires me that way. :)
    tracy lynn: will you be in charge of all spoon thwacking? because if so, people had better watch out!
    wiggie: glad to see you’re not afraid of the bunny either. we need more people like you!

  10. sandra Says:

    I may be in Chicago in a few months…there should be drinking.

  11. jenny Says:

    sandra: “should?” more like “absolutely without question will.” in fact, i know someone whose uncle owns a bar in my neighborhood… bet she could hook us up! ;)

  12. Pauly D Says:

    Totally a rat.