On my flight back last night (this morning?), the man next to me appeared to be dead. He hadn’t moved in three hours and was kind of slumped over. I started to imagine what I would do if I had to fly next to a dead person on a completely full flight. Would the flight attendants let me sit in the jump seat? Would they put him in the jump seat? Maybe shove him in the bathroom?
It would be just my luck to get stuck next to a corpse on a four hour flight. Plus my headphones were all staticky (it’s a word), so I couldn’t watch the movie. Would it be wrong to take the headphones off a dead man?
Then we hit some turbulence on our descent into Chicago and he snorfled and shifted in his seat. So he was alive after all. Good thing I didn’t try to take his wallet.

7 Responses to “Redeye”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    Assuming he was alive when he was put on the plane, he wouldn’t decompose TOO badly in just 3 hours… would he?

  2. heather anne Says:

    Staticky? I’m not sure. But snorfle? Totally a word. I am going to say it once a day from now until it sticks.

  3. Laurel Says:

    Staticky is SO a word. Sorry you couldn’t watch the movie – too bad they weren’t showing “Weekend at Bernie’s”… :)
    On the bright side, he wasn’t able to annoy you with idle stranger/airplane chit-chat…

  4. Rhea Says:

    I think it is permissible to take the headphones off a dead man, as long as no one see you do it. I looked this up in Emily Post.

  5. sizzle Says:

    you never cease to make me laugh jenny. i’m so glad he wasn’t dead- how creepy would that have been?

  6. tori Says:

    Were you sitting next to my husband???? He sleeps like the dead on airplanes and happened to be flying into Chicago the same day you mention. Hmmm…oh, no, wait, it was the day before so it wasn’t him. That would have been quite a coincidence!

  7. Rhys Says:

    hee! LMAO. :) Hmm, many a time on a flight, I wished the passengers next to me WOULD die off….